Japan Takes On Body Positivity

Trends / Realness
Yuri Endo
Feb 26, 2019

In Japan, empowering imagery of real women is slowly emerging and Naomi Watanabe may be one of the reasons. The Taiwanese‑Japanese comedian’s loud and proud unapologetic approach to her body and lifestyle has cultivated global buzz in a society where being slim is still the norm and plus‑sized women, especially female comedians, are often typecast. Women like Watanabe are often ignored and picked on or invited to weight loss TV programs, which are hugely popular in Japan. In the past few years, her transition from a comic to an international fashion icon and entrepreneur has been hugely influencing the Japanese entertainment and advertising industries.

When it comes to female beauty and empowerment, there’s no one standard – more and more Japanese women are beginning to stand up and embrace their true selves.

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