Establishing Trust

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Thomas Barwick
Maxine Ihezie
Mar 18, 2021
At a time where misinformation and ‘fake news’ are a great concern for many, it has never been more crucial to establish trust. According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, the global pandemic has ‘accelerated the erosion of trust around the world.’ Our ongoing VGPS research, has also revealed that 1 in 2 consumers are worried about dishonesty and nearly a third are worried about lack of transparency. This presents brands with the opportunity to do better. At Getty Images, we know that it’s not just any visual that establishes trust and so it is important to select the right visuals. Here are three visual insights that will drive consumer trust:
“Represent People Like Me”

Your customers are paying attention to who is represented in your visuals. Our VGPS findings show that for 3 in 5 consumers representation is important. Inviting your customers to see themselves gives your message an authentic voice and drives a deeper connection with your brand. We have seen this trending in searches on our website confirming that our customers are increasingly interested in search terms such as ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ rose by 298% YoY.

Visualise trust and relatability by capturing the essence of real life, with real people, who are interesting and affable. Show diversity in all of its forms and across intersecting identity factors and push boundaries by challenging stereotypes.
Be Transparent

There is nothing quite like transparency when it comes to establishing trust. In our VGPS survey, nearly 8 in 10 consumers told us that they want to know what goes on behind the scenes when a product is being produced. We see our customer interest in visualising this as Getty Images customer searches for ‘business transparency’ rose by +173%. Visuals that give consumers a candid behind the scenes view, offer a deeper understanding of a brand. Regardless of brand size, think about how you can show business transparency. It could be a small business owner packing and sending orders or scientists collaborating in the lab, for example. You can find further examples of this in our recently launched ‘Female Focus gallery’. We partnered with Natwest to create a gallery that authentically depicts real female entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds, working across a diverse spectrum of industries.
Secure Data

Trust in the protection of customer data is vital for technology adoption. 88% of consumers, in our VGPS survey said, if a company is going to have personal information about them, they must prove to them that they are committed to protecting their privacy and data. Concerns come as no surprise as 36 billion data breaches were recorded in the first half of 2020. A grim reminder that the dark side of technology is an issue that businesses with an online presence cannot afford to shy away from. Encourage trust and adoption by moving away from the abstract and conceptual visualisations and show personalised security e.g., facial recognition or fingerprints. Also think about using bright and vibrant graphics or show a friendly technician in charge of ensuring customer data is secure.

Trust will always be pivotal for brand engagement. Check out our boards for more visual inspiration.
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