Visualizing 5G

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Sarah Foster
Jan 3, 2023
Smart cars. Self‑driving trucks. Robotic warehouses. Virtual surgeries. Instantaneous global communication.  5G is something we hear a lot about, but likely something we don’t fully appreciate considering the technological advancements it’s bringing to consumers and businesses, across manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, and seemingly every sector of the economy. At anywhere from 10 ‑100x more powerful than 4G, 5G networks are a force multiplier of speed and reliability—connecting more devices more quickly, working more smoothly. As they say, it’s kind of a big deal.
The world is transforming around us at a dizzying pace, making the once‑futuristic imaginings of science fiction suddenly real—and consumers want to see what that actually looks like. Our VisualGPS data reflects strong customer demand for fresh, relevant visuals to illustrate 5G and all its possibilities, along with powerful concepts of digital connectivity, hi‑speed data, virtuality, and innovation. Standard visual tropes of ‘future tech’ as blue and purple light trails swirling on dark, ominous backgrounds feel stale, insufficient, even dated at this point. A whole new modern aesthetic is needed—more forward facing, positive, and accessible, with contemporary color palettes, rich textures, and organic forms.
To tackle this challenge, Senior Art Director Claudia Marks and I collaborated with five of our highly skilled CGI artists—piranka, Huber & Starke, Jorg Greuel, Viaframe, and timandtim —whose distinct technical expertise and unique visual styles bring an inventive and playful approach to this groundbreaking technology. Each was designated a different aspect of a custom brief to ensure a wide range of what’s needed. We then worked closely from brainstorming to execution, reviewing sketches and providing feedback on minute details to achieve the right levels of creativity and conceptual clarity. From hyper‑realistic illustrations of 5G infrastructure to sophisticated composites imagining applications in everyday life to colorful abstracts and dynamic animations, their results offer kinetic new visions of our interconnected world and all the vibrant possibilities to come.
The future is now—lean into it and check out all our latest exclusive 5G and tech inspired images and videos.
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