The Weird and Wonderful World From Above

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Abstract Aerial Art
Richard Newstead
Aug 23, 2019
Windswept sand crossing roads, abandoned motorways stretching on for miles, and highways full of traffic are just some of the unique views of our world that drone photographers and siblings Abstract Aerial Art have shown us from above.
Collaborators, Mike and JP Andrews have been documenting the earth with drones over the past few years and have a knack for capturing the vast networks of roads that connect us globally.  Whether flying high above empty roads in nature, using vehicles found in environments, or hiring cars to get the shot, the concept for their images is planned in advance, and then visually led by the scene once they are above it.  We know that imagery that conveys the concepts of networks, connection and direction are always a go‑to for brands striving to convey these ideas in creative ways. JP and Mike discovered that the world supplied this in weird and wonderful ways.
I’m a drone user myself so I understand the excitement you feel when hovering over your intended targets.  Editing their work excites me ‑ and I look forward to seeing what patterns and forms they will find next in our global landscape.  They have an incredible eye for composition and always hit the mark with the most iconic, timeless images you’ve seen of locations in the world you never knew existed.
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