The Power of Nature

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Rudolf Vlcek
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Feb 13, 2023
From global conferences to local news reports, the conversation around climate and our environment has recently grown darker. And so have the visuals our customers choose to represent it.
Our VisualGPS research shows that the use of nature and wildlife imagery has doubled in popularity over the last years, while at the same time cityscapes are in decline—suggesting that brands are tapping into this growing interest with impactful visual storytelling that aligns with the values and attitudes of today’s consumers.
In these clips, our exclusive contributors bring nature into focus as the protagonist, developing its character and emotion through creative compositions and camerawork—carefully considering how weather and time of day adds texture and depth to the overall meaning and mood. When sunshine does break through, it’s captured creatively, delivering a bright a contrast into the narrative and shining light on key concepts like tranquillity, adventure, or mysticism.
With a colour rich palette, these images and videos offer an alternative to the cliché green tones traditionally associated with nature and sustainability–and a creative way for brands to visually differentiate their messaging.
Visualizing 5G