Seaside Weekend

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Matt Porteous
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Jan 2, 2020
Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside… and thanks to this latest collaboration with Matt Porteous, that’s exactly what we did for two days back in August!
Catching Matt in a moment of downtime is a rarity – between traveling around the world for client commissions, his work with Ocean Culture Life and photoshoots with the Royal family, it’s lucky to find space in his brimming diary. Fortunately, Matt and I have enjoyed working together on a number of shoots this year and when I sent him the brief for this Seaside Weekend, he was immediately on board knowing he could secure a stellar crew.
Tony (our "captain", and the owner of one of the finest mustaches I’ve ever seen) is Matt’s stepfather and a serious adventurer, having spent many years in the Parachute Regiment. He was joined by friends Ben and Noel (with a special appearance by Matt’s mom!), and over the two days, we captured fun, beautiful, and emotive images and footage as they reminisced and enjoyed all of their favorite seaside activities.
Matt’s home is on the lovely island of Jersey and all of the content he creates here perfectly captures the essence of this idyllic isles. Knowing the island as well as he does, Matt was able to easily find the best locations over the two‑day shoot, changing where we needed to in light of unpredictable weather. From dramatic coastal paths to crisp and clean beaches, Jersey has it all including mouth‑watering Jersey ice cream and the very best fish and chips I have eaten to date!
I developed the Seaside Weekend brief with Matt in mind and knowing our internal creative insights around the lack of representation of 50+ people in advertising. At Getty Images, we are working hard to change this. Earlier this year we launched a collection in partnership with AARP called "Disrupt Aging" which aims to do away with tired stereotypes and passive imagery of this age demographic and show them in much more positive, active, and full lives. In addition to this growing need, I wanted to frame the shoot around a group of male friends and show all of the emotional elements of their friendship, continuing the important work we are doing around redefining masculinity.
I love working with Matt as he is a "triple creative threat" when it comes to creating content – brilliant at photo, video, and drone shoots – so I knew this brief would be perfect for us to work on together. Along with Cameron, Imogen, and Tamsin from Studio‑M, we took our three pals on a two‑day adventure around Jersey, taking in all of the sites, tastes, and joy one would expect from a Seaside Weekend.
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