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Matt Porteous
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Aug 4, 2020
"Don't forget I've got two false ankles. I've had both my ankles replaced... and technically speaking, I shouldn't be going anywhere near a mountain let alone climbing them." Tony Blyth, 74, seasoned mountaineer, explorer and stepfather of Getty Images photographer and filmmaker Matt Porteous.

Matt travels all over the world for his craft but for this personal project, he turned his camera and drone on Tony and Bagsy’s once in a lifetime journey through Austria’s Stubai high‑level route. A route so challenging few people complete it, let alone 74‑year‑olds with two artificial ankles.

Before the team set off, Matt and I discussed the expedition and the key elements of the adventure to try and capture. As we considered the likely challenges and the epic opportunities offered through drone photography, ideas and concepts began to formulate! The eight‑day expedition began in Karalm, at 750m and over the following week the climb intensified both in height (reaching a peak of 2881m) and in its challenges. As they navigated vertical cliff faces and negotiated huge ice fields, Matt caught the dangers, agonies and achievements as the group tackled the trail. But he also captured brilliantly the contrasting moments of downtime ‑ moments of quiet and contemplation within the stunning surroundings.
Tony’s poignant words sum up the entire experience: “I couldn’t have asked for better company on the trek of a lifetime: my explorer’s dream is complete, I can rest happy that we finished the Stubai high mountain route with a heart full of pride.”
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