Redefining Latinx Beauty

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Natalia Mantini / Refinery29 for Getty Images
Claudia Marks
Dec 20, 2018

In mainstream media and advertising, the portrayal of Latinx women tends towards an overly sexualized and two‑dimensional script.  As global citizens and modern creators we all know that this is very far from what their authentic lives, experiences and diverse cultures look like. 

As part of the Refinery29 No Apologies Collection on Getty Images we recently added a very beautiful new set of images by photographer Natalia Mantini created to explore, define and celebrate the real and rich diversity among a group of Latinx identifying women. 

Reducing a group of people to a single blanket identifier drowns out individualism and misses the opportunity to connect with and know about all the beautiful nuances in our world.  In the original story which ran on Refinery29 earlier this year we get to know these women and learn that these women transcend the omnipresent stereotypes. We discover their life experiences and histories and that they all identify as Latinx but also as Central American, Lithuanian, Mexican, Chicana, Puerto Rican, Jewish, Peruvian as well as Trans, an Artist, a force to be reckoned with and above all, human.

Visualizing Individuality