Portrait Of An Artist

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Hello Lovely
Amy Lehfeldt
Jul 16, 2019

We often work with creators who spend the majority of their professional lives creating top‑notch, award‑winning imagery for traditional media and advertising outlets that for various reasons may be afraid to really push boundaries.  While sustaining a successful professional career, Sebastian Artz has never subscribed to traditional notions of masculinity or femininity and believes vulnerability, authenticity, and self‑confidence are not gender‑based. It's something we all strive for and that he finds very appealing.  Sebastian and I have collaborated over the years on various initiatives and partnerships that aim to challenge stereotypes, such as Lean In, our Nosotros Collection and our effort to re‑visualize the representation of men and what it means to be masculine.  This shoot explores male vulnerability rather than idealizing a one‑dimensional version of the “alpha male.”  He took our direction and effortlessly captured the true essence, spontaneity, and soulfulness of a young artist who was his model. The use of color, light, and shadow give this shoot an ethereal feel that transcends gendered stereotypes.
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