Modern Iconographies

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Klaus Vedfelt
Josie Gealer Ng
Aug 11, 2020
One of the most inspiring things about Klaus Vedfelt’s work is how it continually evolves and moves in new and exciting directions. It’s been an unprecedented year for us all and in order to keep working during the lockdown, photographers have had to look for other ways of flexing their creative muscles by coming up with new approaches to their photography projects. For Klaus, who usually has a fast‑paced shoot schedule, this allowed him the time to explore conceptual ideas that he’d been mulling over for a while.

At the beginning of the year, he and Art Director Lauren Catten collaborated on an energetic studio series of black and white portraits with the idea to work them into a set of graphic and illustrative visual concepts being conscious of the use of blank space. Their focus was on bringing more diversity into conceptual imagery.  

The outcome was a unique collection of iconographies by using his animated studio portraits and a single color graphic that are reminiscent of pop art to convey timeless ideas like direction, balance, risk, opportunity and connection which clients continually search.
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