Mexican Holiday

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Thomas Barwick
Amy Lehfeldt
Jul 6, 2022
For the better part of two years, we all stuck close to home. We yearned of traveling to far off places and reconnecting with loved ones, waiting for the day that would again be possible. Knowing that a resurgence of the travel industry was sure to come, Thomas Barwick and I began planning a large‑scale stills and video production to be shot in Mexico, covering a wide variety of concepts.  The whole landscape of travel had been disrupted and we wanted to capture the new ways people were thinking about it ‑ whether it was about budget and cultural experiences, luxury destination weddings, sustainable travel or multi‑generational family vacations.
The project was shot over the course of five days, two cities and twelve locations. We cast forty‑eight friends and family weaving different storylines throughout the shoot, covering highly requested themes of adventure, exploration, wellness and reunion. We shot with six different cameras to create variety and a sense of immersive authenticity within the content. We aimed to capture as many POVs as possible – which meant using an underwater camera housing, GoPros, and even a drone. The resulting visual stories capture the uniqueness of each experience with options for every type of customer need and style, guaranteed to inspire wanderlust in everyone!
Primary Portraits