Sustainable Roots

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Adam and Kev
Amy Lehfeldt
Oct 22, 2020
Many of today’s consumers say they care as much about the health of the planet as they do about their own wellbeing. In this shoot, newly recruited contributors Adam Schelle and Kev Holloway from Vancouver, Canada show that wellness and sustainability go hand in hand. Incorporating this idea, they focus on a father and his three sons going about a regular day on their family‑run hobby farm which is nestled in the majestic Coast Mountains of British Columbia.
This was our first collaborative project, and we began by looking for a narrative to shoot that would encompass our new contributor Environment & Sustainability Guidelines.  We cast a family who recently undertook a small farm and are learning the ins and outs of agriculture through trial and error along with a lot of help from their local community.  While they learn to be self‑sufficient and raise organic products ‑ vegetables, chickens, and bees, they are also turning their bounty into a small business in which they sell produce boxes to neighbors in the area.
Customers are increasingly looking for new and positive ways to visualize the theme of sustainable living.  This shoot is an example of how the creative team at Getty Images drives content creation which aligns with not only with our Visual GPS forces Wellness and Sustainability but also our customers’ needs.
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