Latinx Friends Celebrate the Spooky

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Brit Worgan
Claudia Marks
May 9, 2019
I am especially passionate about telling human stories that allow our best photographers to create work that teaches us a thing or two about the world and the people around us. I love Brit Worgan’s work for that reason. Brit came to me a few months ago with an idea around a group of her friends, four Latinx friends from LA who have created a podcast to discuss life as young Latinos living in New York City and their shared love of all things spooky. This scenario of a community of Latinx transplants creating a platform to discuss the intersection of their cultures also fit in perfectly with one of the briefs for the Nosotros Collection that my team and I have been discussing so we decided to make it happen. The podcast, ‘Ghoul Chat’, records every week in Bushwick, NY at Cast SoundLab and while it may appear like a strange culture clash, its quite the opposite.

“While the movement started in the U.K., morbid themes of death have been common in native Latin American cultures for centuries. Gothic elements can also be found in Catholic churches and even in supernatural folklore, and of course there’s "Dia de los Muertos”, according to During the weekly chats they dive into their favorite horror films, shows, and music as well as national and local politics. The group urges listeners to have their voices heard by voting and taking part in the process. They encourage their listeners to lean into what frightens them and embrace the scary things around them and, more importantly, to use that as a catalyst for change in their community and beyond. Getty Images recognizes that in order to ensure a more diverse creative collection we also must support a more diverse photography community.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work