In Rainbows

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Lauren Catten
Jun 20, 2019
Flashpop is a collaboration between photographer Jason Hetherington and producer Rhiannon Llewelyn. They specialize in creating colorful, bold imagery that ignites the senses with personality. As their Art Director, I work closely with them to conceptualize new shoot ideas. For this project, we developed a brief that utilizes their natural expertise for color to highlight a rainbow of people embracing their pride. The colors of the rainbow flag each hold their own importance: red symbolizes life, orange represents healing, and purple is a celebration of spirit. All of the models in this shoot identify as LGBTQ+ and were encouraged to express themselves however they felt most comfortable and authentic. They were shot with natural light and the result is a warm and playful shoot that allows the models to showcase their individuality.
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