Golden Moments

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Yiu Hong Leung
Jul 28, 2020
In the eyes of a creator, happy accidents during the creative process are bonus rewards. Sometimes, they become the center of an entire piece. When Singapore imposed a city‑wide lockdown and advised all citizens to stay indoors for social distancing, Singapore‑based photographer Sze Kiat Koh discovered this when he initiated an indoor photoshoot intended to illustrate the daily life of a working mother adapting in the new normal. 
The series covers a variety of authentic scenarios that reflect the everyday challenges and difficulties faced by working parents. The highlight of the series is the use of stylistic lighting and distinctive color tone. In one stylistic portrait, a mother is holding her baby with soft layers of golden twilight filtering onto them. This specific lighting feature dramatically enhances the emotional quality of the image. 
Sze Kiat was extremely satisfied with the entire production, which he described as a ‘happy accident’ that wouldn’t have happened had he not left his comfort zone and embraced the unknown. “When I am less busy, without much stress,” he says, “I can explore and experiment with possibilities and enjoy myself. That could lead to something interesting and become my golden moment.”
Creating a Visual Recipe