Fluid Motion

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Lauren Catten
Jun 8, 2020
Petra Debeljak, an iStock Exclusive contributor, is an active participant in our new collaborative CGI workspace with the Getty Images Creative Content team. A select group of our best CGI artists work together to promote and discuss innovative ideas and trending concepts. She really took initiative with her recent creations focused around motion and fluidity.  Inspired by a treatment brief I put to the creators earlier this year, Petra has spent the last few months making some truly original content that is both beautiful and highly commercial. We have been talking back and forth about what works and which direction to go in and it has been a pleasure to see how she creates and brings concepts to life. Many of her videos and illustrations are unlike anything we have on the site. Using perpetual motion to create amazing loops and sequences, she was able to really harness the power of CGI to create concepts of changeability, transformation, and fluctuation.

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