Family Life: A More Inclusive View

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Nick David
Josie Gealer Ng
Jul 11, 2019
In the modern world what constitutes a typical family no longer automatically means the 2.4 nuclear equation ‑ although this is still the version we often see portrayed in the media. The rise in blended families, step‑parents and grandparents bringing up children means that we need to see more inclusive images of families that reflect society.
I wanted to work on a series that focused on varying family dynamics that didn’t fall into the more generalized family depiction and I was excited to team up with London based lifestyle photographer and filmmaker Nick David. Nick is highly skilled at capturing real‑life moments of relationships and connections in honest and beautiful ways. He works around people expertly putting them at ease and delivering beautiful authentic images.
Within the series, Nick photographed large blended families, families with disabilities, co‑parents and grandparents. 
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