Dancing in the Streets

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Jun 2, 2021
Our content partner, Maskot,  knows how to create vibrant, authentic, and inclusive imagery.  They recognize the importance of representation and put a lot of effort into ensuring their content reflects our world in a meaningful way. In this exclusive shoot, a group of high energy ‘Gen Zers’ dances to the rhythm of the streets, perfectly in sync with each other as they express joy and freedom through their movement.  
Brands have recognized the value, both financially and ethically, of genuine representation in their visuals. According to our latest Visual GPS market research, over two‑thirds of consumers say  “it is important to them that the companies they buy from celebrate diversity of all kinds.” Consumers expect to see themselves, their loved ones, and their everyday lives included honestly in advertising.
With this expectation in mind, when casting for their shoots, the team at Maskot moves between real family/friendship groups and expertly chosen professional models depending on the need. Because of the focus on dance for this brief, they looked for professionals to make sure the technical details would be on point and their energy as a group would be electric! In fact, when looking at the images and clips it’s hard to believe that the models weren’t already BFFs.
The brief was intentionally set in universal urban spaces, symbolizing the familiar environment of many city‑based young adults while also providing an accessible look and feel to our global customers. The warm afternoon light elevates these urban backdrops, casting artistic shadows and creating a mood that feels both contemporary and nostalgic, reflective of those lingering hours after school when time spent with friends was the ultimate priority.
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