Creating a Visual Recipe

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Yagi Studio
Amy Lehfeldt
Jul 14, 2020
Thanks to this new era of social distancing we’re all cooking more home meals than ever before. We’re seeking out and making our traditional family recipes and trying out local and foreign comfort foods, searching for ideas online, rummaging through grandma’s or grandpa’s food‑stained recipe cards and we’re learning skills we never knew we had. We’re all thinking about food probably more than we should ‑ how to get it, what to cook and how to make it last.
During the early stages of the Lock Down, like everyone, I was obsessed with food and created a targeted brief based on food concepts for a small group of our still life contributors.  I pitched ideas such as crafting visual recipes using only imagery; conveying contemporary food trends and representing the iconic regional dishes of our time.  As with all their shoots, Yagi Studio brought their expertise and precision to the brief with this picture‑perfect series of classic Italian and Japanese noodle dishes. The images are so detailed and graphic, no actual text is needed for these delicious looking recipes!