Family Garden Party

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Jodie Griggs
Rachel Brinton Matthews
Feb 13, 2020
I was fortunate to travel from London to Australia recently to contribute to the amazing "This Is Australia" collection providing art direction for a group of talented contributors based there. The "This Is Australia" collection, in partnership with Canon, removes tired visual stereotypes of Australian life and promotes a more authentic representation of the diversity found within the country. Now in its second year, the "This Is Australia" collection has grown to over 10,000 images capturing the real experiences and lives of Australian people. Getty Images guides the Australian Canon community in creating this imagery through regular creative briefs, education days and organized shoots.
The event took place in Melbourne starting with a one‑day workshop promoting the opportunities available at Getty Images as well as offering valuable commercial insight. On day two, a small group of handpicked contributors attended a fully produced shoot in St Kilda East, meticulously organized Petra O’Halloran from Getty Images. The brief was developed in knowledge of the needs specific to our Australian customers and ensuring we could further the mission of the "This Is Australia" project – aiming to create a fresh and diverse visual language around Australia and the people who live there.
Jodie Griggs and Attila Csaszar both attended the afternoon shoot where we hosted a beautiful indigenous family and documented everyday scenes in the home as well as a fun and celebratory BBQ in the garden. Taking on any shoot in Melbourne is challenging if you are relying on natural light – the ‘four seasons in one day’ tagline really is true! But fortunately, we were gifted with a gorgeous slice of late afternoon light, casting warming hues on the family as they enjoyed the outside areas. Jodie and Attila are both skilled lifestyle photographers and were able to capture the buzzy energy of the children as well as the more intimate moments between mom/dad and parent/child. It’s these relatable and emotion‑led moments that so often resonate with our customers, as it is a language that we can all understand.
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