Beyond the Airport: Upgrading Business Travel

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Renata Angerami
Gabriel Carreiro de Melo
Jul 5, 2024

In an era of hybrid work, mobility and connectivity are more important now than ever before, especially as business travel picks back up. Last year, business travel revenue in Brazil was the highest it has been since before the pandemic. Alongside this growth in business travel, Brazil's financial sector has seen rapid innovation,1 yet less than 1% of popular finance visuals in Brazil revolve around business travel, according to our VisualGPS research.

We teamed up with DRS Produções and Renata Angerami, two Exclusive Brazilian creators, to provide finance customers with a wide range of business travel visuals: From arriving at hotels, strategizing together in meetings in conference rooms, and networking in stylish hotel lounges. These visuals are meant to resonate with the growing number of professionals balancing global and regional travel with their financial careers, showcasing how seamlessly business and travel can mix. Most of these visuals take place in hotels or restaurants, as our VisualGPS research shows that 48% of popular finance visuals are just of travelers at the airport.
We also closely examined the often‑criticized lack of gender diversity in finance. Interestingly, while women tend to outnumber men in popular Brazilian visuals, this dynamic is reversed when it comes to business travel: Men appear in 56% of popular finance visuals related to business travel, while women appear in 48%. Through this shoot, we made a conscious effort to challenge traditional stereotypes and offer a more inclusive vision of the financial world, recognizing the significant strides toward gender equality throughout Latin America.2

Additionally, we wanted to highlight an often‑overlooked aspect of business travel: Leisure activities. Only 8% of popular finance visuals revolving around business travel show travelers enjoying leisure activities outside of the airport. Our shoot captures these moments of relaxation, whether it's cooling off in hotel rooms, chatting over dinner at the hotel restaurant, or unwinding at the bar. These relaxing moments are important to business travel and the professional sector as, according to VisualGPS, visuals that convey success tend to show relaxation and ease.
The shoot provided an excellent opportunity to bring our creators into a dynamic setting, focusing on diverse casting, contemporary attire, and a narrative that truly encapsulates the essence of business. It was crucial to create a space where finance professionals are portrayed not just as workers, but as dynamic individuals balancing a variety of roles. By showcasing authentic, diverse, and meaningful interactions, we aim to pave the way for a more inclusive and representative visual landscape in the finance sector, addressing the needs of our customers while reflecting a modern, updated setting.  
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