Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Hero Images
Amy Lehfeldt
Apr 30, 2019
It’s difficult to get two people in sync on a shoot, much less a cast of 85 non‑actors working together in complete harmony, but Hero Images was up for the challenge. Imagining rich potential themes of community, family, and sport, I presented them with the original shoot concept and collaborated closely to help them successfully tell a full 360° narrative about teen baseball players, game day, their families, and their fans. They let real life scenes play out in front of the camera and capture the raw energy and emotion around the game.

This shoot is packed with multiple storylines that surface in different images from the day – the big moments and the small ones, team and game narratives, as well as vignettes about the relationship between players, family, and fans. Whether it’s celebrating the big win, a quiet moment between a father and son, or a little sister full of pride high‑fiving her big brother, these personal moments of teamwork, support, dedication, celebration, and failure remind us why baseball is a perfect metaphor for life.
Finding Your Footing Through Sport