Super Icons

Spotlight / Shoot Spotlight
Radoslav Zilinsky/51A CrGINS
Claudia Marks
Jun 23, 2021
As part of the human family, there are little moments of joy when we’re at home.  This past year spending so much time in our spaces has put a spotlight on what we do and some themes certainly emerged.  CGI creator Radoslav Zilinsky came to me with an idea to create CGI “super icons” of those relatable moments.

At Getty Images we often talk about concepts like family, self‑care and wellness, connection, and relationships – and creating universal scenarios that our clients can license across many platforms.  Careful planning is a must in projects of this scale. He worked closely with two cartoonists (one from Brazil and the other from the Philippines) on building a color sketch for every scene. Modeling the characters and environments in 3d is a much easier task when there are rough sketches already done. See how the process unfolds here. 

Radoslav describes how he works; “Creating a character in 3d is not a simple task. You need to sculpt the rough shape first, creating a ‘character rig’ so everyone agrees on proportions, and then this system allows you to easily pose or even animate the 3d model.”  A team of six people spent around two hundred hours of work to create this series of color‑filled, joyful, inviting, and hopeful humans.
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