Repicturing Gen-Z From Behind the Lens: Adolescent Content

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Adolescent Content/Nhi Nguyen
Claudia Marks
Nov 14, 2019
As a Gen X mom to a Gen Z creator, I know first‑hand that this generation has it in them to change the whole game. While seeking to widen our perspective on how Gen Z views the world and how they express their creativity, I chanced upon Adolescent Content, and excitedly shared it with my teammate, Rachel Brinton Matthews, Senior Art Director & Partnerships Manager, for consideration as a potential new partner. We immediately knew this agency was onto something really special and soon realized we were looking at the future‑and could help define that future at the same time.  

Adolescent Content Founders Ramaa Mosley and Hope Farley both know how incredibly important it is for young creators to have support and mentorship. Mosley is a creator and filmmaker in her own right who started making films at 16 and Farley has been an Executive Producer and Producer at several major commercial production companies in this industry, as well as an Agency Producer at some of the largest advertising agencies in the U.S. for over a decade.

Launching In 2013, their global creator community now includes writers, bloggers, influencers, photographers and directors, the vast majority of whom are under the age of 19 and have a refreshing perspective on the world. The team at Adolescent “function as a multidimensional think tank, production company, and media strategy team to help advertising agencies and brands reach youth in a meaningful, authentic way"—connecting both big and small brands like Target, Converse, Crayola, ESPN, and Toms with Adolescent creators and mentoring them to help them find their voices.

Launching In 2014, their global creator community now includes writers, bloggers, influencers, photographers and directors, the vast majority of whom are under the age of 19 and have a refreshing perspective on the world.
At Getty Images, we're always on the lookout, seeking to work with more creators as they tell much‑needed visual stories. Knowing the creative power that bubbles within Gen Z, we knew we wanted to partner with Adolescent and their talented community. Together, with the team at Adolescent, we devised a briefing strategy that would engage their creators on themes we knew were equally topical and important to this demographic beauty, love, technology and activism.

The inaugural sets of images that were submitted blew us all away, and included a shoot exploring expressions of Queer Love by Violetta Capasso from Buenos Aires — a loving series of portraits of an older couple by Niyani Lingham‑Green from New Jersey — Nhi Nguyen from Toronto delivered the goods not once, but twice, shooting a dreamy date at a thrift store as well as a futuristic take on social media — an exploration of male beauty practices was delivered by Schaël Marcéus from Montreal —Caroline Japal shows us the feminine side of things with a narrative around prepping for an epic girl’s night in — and at only 15, Ella Fields from Los Angeles was perfectly placed to tackle the subject of technology, showing us the mobile takeover of a teen sleepover — Jamie Pearl from Seattle created a beautiful set of confronting portraits — and we explored the blurred lines around gender with Joyce Ding originally from China — NYC‑based artist Maris Jones delivered a stylized set of portraits originally called “The Great Escape,” which look at the use of technology in constructing fantasy worlds  — and last but not least, Daniela Ruiz de Esparza from Guadalajara, Mexico with an intimate take on Gen Z beauty that’s inclusive of her heritage.  

But that’s not all we have in store. With much more content on the horizon and plans to grow the creator community as well, we’re honored and thrilled to support this next generation of talent as they carve out space for themselves in this ever‑visual world.
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